Our Services


Consolidation Strategy

We aggressively work on Systems and Processes to make your business system driven rather than people dependent. We introduce tools to bring transparency in expectations and performance measurement, enhancing employee confidence and loyalty. We also actively work to strengthen the management structure to bring in professionalism, accountability and vibrancy in the organization. 

Growth Strategy

We help you imagine your future and convert it into achievable lifetime goals. We work with you to chalk out a roadmap and the milestones. Your dreams are then realized by the baby steps your team would take in achieving small goals leading to fulfilment of Annual Business Plans. We make the whole process easy to understand and an excitement to achieve. Your team shall get to enhance their skills and derive more job satisfaction. The organization develops into a creative, efficient and robust work place capable of managing the competition and other challenges. 

Confusion to clarity...

The ideas abound. Solutions are aplenty. The clarity is missing. This is typical of an entrepreneur who wants to grow, thinks he can do it but is not sure how to go about it and whether he shall be able to walk the path all by himself. This is where we come in. A friend, a philosopher and a guide.

Our clients

If you are an Entrepreneur, we can help. Our services cover all industries and all sectors. Some of our past clients belonged to the following industries:




•Education (K-12, UG, PG, Art/Design)

•Construction Engineering

•Processed Food 


•Information Technology



•Interior Designers

•Dry Wall Panels & Acoustic Solutions



We work on flexible engagement models ranging from hourly consulting sessions to assignment and time based contracts. Fees vary by the client size and the time & efforts involved. Startups get special discount on fees for hourly consulting.